Welcome to Futures Alternative High School

215 W 8th St. Boone, IA 50036
Phone: (515) 433-0885 Fax: (515) 432-8941

Students standing in a gym above the school toreador logo sign

What is Futures?

Futures Alternative School is designed to provide an expanded educational setting for students. The primary purpose of the Futures program is to develop a realization of the value of education and work preparation skills enable students to earn a Boone Basic diploma. All Futures school offerings will be based upon measurable student competencies and standards.

Students sitting in classroom at tables

Director Kim Kitterman standing by white board teaching students that are sitting at tables

2 teachers standing in front of a class of students sitting at classroom at tables

Futures originated in February 1991, and has successfully grown throughout the years.

Teaching and learning is a continuous process built by strong relationships between staff and students. We take pride in making long lasting relationships with our students. We are completely dedicated to helping students succeed academically and grow personally.

We are also proud of the collaborative effort between students, parents, and staff, which makes our school successful. Our goal is to help students become contributing members of our community.

Our environment is one of respect, acceptance, understanding, responsibility, trust, and honesty. We create an environment where students believe in themselves and have a positive attitude. Students’ concept of Futures is that we are “one big family”.

diploma book and graduation cap

3 staff members standing in front of the Toreador and adidas logo banner

Graduation ceremony at the football field students and family surrounded by confetti in the air