BCSD Weather Information

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How does the Superintendent make weather decisions?

Reminder for our elementary kiddos and families:

We Believe play is important and we want kids to get energy out every day. We go outside for recess any day that it is not raining and the wind chill is above 0°. We go out to recess before school starts at 7:45. That means we need to start getting in the habit of kids wearing warm gear when they hop out of your car in the morning. If you Need help finding winter gear for your child please reach out to their classroom teacher. Please see our weather chart below for specific details on what we have students wear so when you check the weather each morning you can prepare your child.

we are outside every day unless wind chill is below 0. 50 to 60 degrees have long sleeves. 40 to 50 degrees jacket or coat . 0 to 40 degrees winter coat hat and gloves . to play in the snow you must have snow pants, boots, coat, hat, gloves

National Weather Chart

Wind Chill Weather chart