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Boone Home School Assistance

215 West 8th St Boone, IA 50036 Phone: (515) 432-1550


The Boone Community School District Home School Assistance Program (BHSAP) is pleased to provide Home School Assistance Program (HSAP) services to local families and those open enrolled into the program.

Living within the district’s mission, the Boone Home School Assistance Program supports and assists parents who choose the role of primary educator for their children. This mission is accomplished by customizing education, providing approved resources, and creating a learning community among our staff and program families.

The goal of the Boone Home School Assistance Program (HSAP) is to empower parents to educate their children in the home environment with the assistance of credentialed teachers and administrative staff who can help them achieve educational goals. Home Educators take legal responsibility for the educational progress of their children. Boone HSAP will come alongside to help them meet the standards set by the State of Iowa and the Boone Community School District, but the primary responsibility always remains with the parent or legal guardian.

Barb Biersner

Barb Biersner


The Home School Assistance Program (HSAP) offers assistance to parents/guardians who choose to teach their children at home. Parents/guardians are directly responsible for planning curriculum and teaching their children. They are free to incorporate their own values and philosophy of education. The following handbook is designed to assist and guide families in their BHSAP participation.

Barb Biersner

Director of Boone Home School Assistance Program

Stephanie Hawley

Stephanie Hawley


Boone Home School Assistance Program/Crossroads Media Associate