• The bond referendum will not increase the debt service levy (taxes), which is the levy utilized to pay off outstanding bonds.

  • This building will minimize costs by creating greater efficiencies with staffing, maintenance, and programming.

  • The initial capacity will accommodate our current enrollment and programming needs.

  • The new facility will include daycare, preschool, transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade as is currently offered at Page and Lincoln Elementary Schools.

  • The building will be built with the flexibility to accommodate future needs such as expanded programming and/or adjustments to grade level configurations.

  • The building will be built with expansion in mind, ensuring that the larger areas such as the gym, cafeteria and library will be built to accommodate up to 600 students, if an addition is needed at a later date.

  • The anticipated opening of the elementary school is in the fall of 2023.

School Taxes Will Not Increase

  • Taxes will not be increased with passage of the bond referendum. The district is seeking a continuation of the current debt service tax. Boone would borrow up to $23 million in bonds without increasing your school tax rate for the completion of the proposed new building.