COVID-19 Update

Toreador Families and Community,

This correspondence is being sent as a follow up to Governor Reynolds' revised public health measure issued Friday night.

Boone Community School District will continue all of our current COVID-19 mitigation strategies in PK-12th grades during all school days and while on school property.  These include required mask wearing by all, social distancing wherever possible, and frequent handwashing. We will continue to follow RRC conference guidelines for activities. Please continue to be mindful of others and adhere to the established requests both at home and at venues on the road.

Public health still maintains strict quarantine requirements when there is exposure to COVID-19.  If a student or staff member is exposed to COVID-19 and masks are not worn by all, then per public health, quarantines must be enforced.  Our goal remains keeping all of our students and staff as safe as possible and to keep everyone in school and not in quarantine.

Thank you for your continued support of our efforts to navigate this school year.

 Julie Trepa, Superintendent